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11 Quick Notes This Morning 1-3-23


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1. After a horrendous 2022, the markets are pointing down on the first trading day of 2023.

2. Oil is at $80 a barrel, the 10 year treasury yield is near 3.76%, Bitcoin is back to $16,750 and the 1 year treasury is right around 4.735%.

3. Tesla dropped nearly 10% in early trading as deliveries missed expectations in the fourth quarter. See “Tesla Missed Delivery Target as Growth Slows” – WSJ.

4. Becker’s Healthcare is thrilled to welcome the following keynotes to its 2023 April Annual Meeting. Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Martha Stewart. Contact Jessica Cole for speaking, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

5. Just read the inspirational book by David Goggins titled “Never Finished”.

6. The Private Equity Deal Outlook for 2023. We are moderating a webinar on January 12th at 12pm CST featuring Rick Kes, Trishul Kapoor, and Hector Torres. Register here for free.

7. City of Hope, one of the great oncology and cancer focused health systems in the nation, saw its debt downgrading following increased debt and leverage and operating margin issues. Nick Thomas reports on this for Becker’s Healthcare. City of Hope acquired Cancer Treatment Centers of American this past year. Its credit went from A+ to A. City of Hope is overall a magnificent organization known for both research and taking care of patients.

8. See “More Bosses Order Workers Back to the Office” – WSJ.

9. The 8 most listened to guests on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast and Becker Business Minute Podcast.

  1. Julie Yoo, Andreessen Horowitz
  2. Justin Norden, MD, MBA, MPhil GSR Ventures
  3. Robbie Allen, One GI
  4. Amber Walsh, McGuireWoods LLP
  5. Kristen McDermott Woodrum, McGuireWoods LLP
  6. Elizabeth Hutson, EGH
  7. Matt Wolf, RSM US LLP
  8. Holly Buckley, McGuireWoods LLP

10. The 5 most listened to episodes on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast and Becker Business Minute Podcast.

  1. Using your time correctly
  2. How much debt to hold
  3. Musk and Inflation
  4. Asset allocation for amateurs
  5. Allocating your investments

P.S. today’s business minute shout out of the day goes to J.P. Gallagher President and CEO of NorthShore University HealthSystem. JP has done a remarkable job leading the health system throughout his tenure. A tremendous mix of personal skills, deep intelligence, and great ethics. The health system has both nearly doubled in size and more importantly consistently grown into an extremely high quality and high reliability health system. Improving every year. Outstanding work.


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