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12 Stories We are Following Today 12-5-22


1. The major indexes remain down year to date but have recovered some of their losses over the last 45 days.

2. The Nasdaq is down 26.74% YTD, the Dow 5.25% YTD and the S&P 500 is down 14.57 YTD.

3. Futures point down this morning. The markets were fairly flat on Friday.

4. Oil opens at $81 a barrel. The 52 week range for oil is $66 to $130.

5. Bitcoin opens around $17,300. It’s 52 week range – $15,600 to $51,955.

6. The 10 year treasury yield opens at around 3.50%. The 1 year opens at near 4.73%. The Fed meets next week for its final time this year and is expected to raise rates another 50 basis points.

The rates greatly impact housing and the markets and more. See “Housing Expert: We’re Going to Have Pain for as Long as Inflation (and Mortgage Rates) Stay High” -Yahoo Money. Our colleagues in the real estate and auction business watch these rates and impacts closely.

As more analysts predict a coming recession, we expect our colleagues in the financial consulting business to remain busy.

7. Excited to speak Dec 7th at the Denver Medical Study Group on 25 key trends in healthcare heading into 2023. This discussion includes billion dollar plus losses from CommonSpirit, Ascension, Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health, and Cleveland Clinic. Thank you Chris Hadley.

8. Listen to the podcast version of 25 key issues we are watching in healthcare at Becker’s Healthcare. Thank you Jessica Cole for her leadership at Becker’s Healthcare. Beckers Healthcare will double down in 2023 on digital media and live confs.

9. Elon Musk, after a rough start, seems to be getting Twitter somewhat under control and announces that key advertisers Amazon and Apple have returned to the fold. See “Apple and Amazon Resume Advertising on Twitter” – Reuters.

10. The Coinbase CEO is doing everything he can on the speaking tour to try and distance Coinbase from FTX. The CEO said FTX is a criminal organization. He may actually believe this but he is also very incentivized to differentiate Coinbase from FTX.

We had a great interview on the future of Bitcoin and Crytpocurrency with John Svolos of SkyBridge Capital. Listen to the Becker Private Equity & Business podcast and the Beckers Healthcare podcast.

11. We had a great time talking to Amber Walsh of McGuireWoods LLP on the shift to strategic buyers being very much in the mix on M and A as opposed to just PE funds. Listen on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast and the Becker Business Minute Podcast.

Fantastic to see McGuireWoods LLP launch the Emerging Manager Conference in Dallas at the Ritz Carlton May 16-17. This goes with the very successful Annual McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Conference. Congrats to leaders Jon Finger, Akash Sethi, Geoffrey Cockrell, and more.

12. Thrilled to lead a webinar December 15th at 1pm CST on “16 Key Thoughts on Building a Business”. Thank you to Jeremy Corr for helping organize this webinar.

Register for the upcoming “16 Keys to Building a Business” webinar hosted by Scott Becker on December 15th at 1pm CST here.

Listen at Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast or at the new Becker Business Minute Podcast coming soon. 90 percent of episodes will be 90 seconds or less.


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