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15 Quick Notes This AM 1-9-23


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1. The markets surged Friday.

2. Futures point up this AM.

3. The 10 year treasury yield has dropped nearly 30 basis points since the start of the year. It opens near 3.56%.

4. The 1 year treasury is fairly flat at around 4.72%.

5. Bitcoin has risen above $17,250.

6. Oil is steady at around $76 a barrel. It’s expected to rise on the prospect of a rebound in demand from China.

7. Lululemon is seeing their margins become slimmer despite raising prices very aggressively. It’s stock is down more than 10% in pre-market pricing. They have been so arrogant in how they discuss price increases that some will welcome them facing some challenges.

8. Rolls-Royce hit sales records in 2022. See Reuters. The average price is $534,000. It sold 6,021 cars in 2022. Around 2,100 cars were sold in the United States.

9. Excited to see the Becker’s Healthcare podcast approach 9 million downloads and rank 17th today among all Business News Podcasts on Apple.

10. 4 stories at Becker’s Healthcare that signify larger issues. The first 2 stories are by Nick Thomas on systems trying to fight back from financial challenges.

  1. “Pioneer Memorial Pinpoints Recommendations to Cut Costs, Improve Operations”
  2. “Colorado Hospital will Emerge from Difficult Financial Situation, CEO Says” – John Gardner.
  3. “IU names Chief Mission and Values Officer Leah Gunning Francis, Ph.D. Named” – Kelly Gooch.
  4. “Northern Light Health Transfers 1,400 Employees to Optum”. Here the system is transferring largely revenue cycle and others to Optum to outsource some services. The health system expects to save $1 billion over 10 years, CEO Timothy Dentry notes. Story by Alexis Kayser.

11. 5 great guests on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast.

  1. Sanjeev Agrawal, President COO of LeanTaaS
  2. Stephen Klasko & Marc Harrison now with General Catalyst, the top flight VC firm.
  3. Kate Sommerfeld, President at SDOH ProMedica
  4. Carol Lovin, EVP & Chief Integration Officer at Atrium Health
  5. Warner Thomas, CEO at Sutter Health

12. 5 most listened to guests last year on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast

  1. Dina Velocci, Former President of AANA.
  2. Don Sinko, Chief Integrity Officer at Cleveland Clinic
  3. Justin Oppenheimer, COO & CSO at Hospital for Special Surgery
  4. Malinka Walaliyadde & Benjamin Beadle-Ryby, Co-Founders of AKASA
  5. Scott Powder, President of Advocate Aurora Health Enterprises

13. Join us Thursday at 12pm CST for the webinar “The Private Equity Deal Outlook for 2023”. 3 great panelists. Register here.

14. Join celebrity keynotes and thousands of healthcare system leaders at the Becker’s Healthcare Annual Meeting April 3 to 6. Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Martha Stewart are speaking. Contact Jessica Cole, CEO Becker’s Healthcare for more information.

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