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15 Stories We are Following this AM 1-26-23

In this episode Scott Becker discusses:

  1. Tesla reported record profit in Q4.
  2. IBM announced that it is cutting nearly 4,000 jobs.
  3. SAP also announced significant layoffs.
  4. Meta/Facebook which has seen less excitement and growth in their platform, reinstated President Trump’s Facebook accounts.
  5. Further in the Elon Musk watch, it’s being reported that he is raising equity to pay down some of the debt taken on to finance the Twitter acquisition.
  6. Microsoft is both investing heavily in ChatGPT and is reporting huge growth in its cyber security business which has grown to a $20 billion a year business.
  7. One good rule of thumb is don’t underestimate the engine that is Microsoft, or for that matter Apple.
  8. The 10 largest US firms by market cap
  9. The top 6 by revenues
  10. The markets finished flat yesterday after being down much of the day.
  11. Futures point up this morning.
  12. The 10 year treasury yield fell to 3.46%.
  13. Bitcoin rose to close to $23,000.
  14. Oil remains right around $81 a barrel.
  15. The 1 year treasury yield remains right at 4.67%.


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