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15 Stories We are Following Today 11-28-22


1. The markets ended essentially flat on Friday, but the S&P 500 was up for the week. The S&P 500 was barely down Friday. The Dow was up .45% and the Nasdaq was down .52%.

2. Futures point down this morning. See “Stock futures slide as Covid protests erupt across China” – Yahoo Finance, Alexandra Semenova.

3. The major indexes are down YTD as follows. 1) S&P 500 down 15.53% 2) Nasdaq down 28.24% 3) Dow down 5.48%

4. Bitcoin is down 64.5% YTD.

5. Excited to launch the Becker Business Minute podcast this week- concise business and market updates.

6. 6 largest companies by revenues their stock price performance YTD. 1) Walmart up 7.05% 2) Amazon is down 45.18% 3) Apple is down 18.6% 4) Exxon is up 78% 5) CVS Health is down 2.7% 6) United Health Group is up 7.04%

7. Disney, Netflix and Target Stock Price YTD. 1) Disney down 37% 2) Target down 30% 3) Netflix down 52%

8. Goldman says stay defensive in investing in the near term as the balance of growth vs inflation is not quite optimal and as problems linger in China and elsewhere. Covid and Covid unrest are both creating concerns in China.

9. The Covid challenges in China are another stark reminder that we need to invest in US healthcare and it’s providers as well as grow the pool of doctors and nurses and more. China is so understaffed that they have felt they have no choice but to push a Covid zero policy.

Join me next week as I speak at the Denver Medical Study Group on HealthCare Trends to watch for 2023.

10. The Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal remains in anti-trust jeopardy and is of great concern to Microsoft as it views the deal as a key to its pursuit of gaming dominance and in supporting Azure, it’s cloud business.

11. The Fed is expected to start to slow their rate of interest rate increases. The 10 year yield has fallen to 3.69%. The 1 year is at approximately 4.78%.

12. Thrilled this month to mark 30 years with McGuireWoods LLP. An incredible group of clients and colleagues. It has been a great run so far.

13. Life insurance proceeds hit $100 billion in 2021, a record year and growth of 15%. Ordinarily they grow about 5% year over year.

14. Excited to see the Becker’s Healthcare podcast start the day at number 16 in the business news podcast category. We are near 8.5 million downloads. Thank you to Jessica Cole, CEO and President of Becker’s Healthcare and Jeremy Corr, Founder and CEO of Executive Podcast Solutions for your tremendous support.

15. Join Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast for a mid-December webinar on 15 keys to building a business.


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