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15 Stories We are Following Today 11-7-22


    1. Carvana, the hot used car dealer over the last few years, is down 95% year to date and dropped nearly 40% Friday.

    2. The markets rose Friday after what had been a horrible week in the markets. The Nasdaq, Dow and S&P 500 each rose on Friday 1.26 to 1.36%.

    3. The Nasdaq is down 33% YTD, the S&P 500 is down nearly 21% and the Dow is down nearly 11%.

    4. The indexes point slightly up this morning.

    5. The 10 year treasury yield jumped Friday to 4.15%, Bitcoin fell overnight to $20,700 or so and oil has jumped to almost $93 a barrel. The 1 year treasury yield opens near 4.80%.

    6. Facebook, which is down 73% YTD, announced is expected to start mass layoffs. See “Facebook Parent Meta is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoff” – WSJ.

    7. Apple said it is shipping fewer premium iPhones than expected.

    8. The October CPI inflation index will be released Thursday and may impact the Feds next steps and trajectory.

    9. The leader of the Environmental Defense Fund called Elon Musk a visionary. See Yahoo Finance.

    10. Walgreens in a move further to become a provider as well as a pharmacy is close to buying CityMD for a rumored $9 billion. It could combine its Village MD business with its City MD business. In a sign that Cigna wants in it might invest in the deal too. One wonders if Walgreens & Cigna will ultimately mimic CVS-Aetna.

    11. Midterm elections tomorrow and polls generally show very narrow margins for the Republicans leading into the midterms.

    12. The Becker’s Healthcare CEO/CFO begins today. Derek Jeter, Arianna Huffington, and President Bush are each speaking this week.

    13.10 most listened to guests on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast. 1) Julie Yoo Andreessen Horowitz 2) Justin Norden, MD, MBA, MPhil GSR Ventures 3) Amber Walsh, McGuireWoods LLP 4) Elizabeth Hutson, EGH 5) Rick Kes, RSM 6) Nevin Raj, Grata 7. Holly Buckley McGuireWoods LLP 8) Morag Barrett 9) Kristen McDermott Woodrum, McGuireWoods LLP on a combined PE healthcare podcast. 10) Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing, SkyBridge Capital.

    14. Great last week to interview two amazing leaders on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast. Sanjeev Agrawal, President and COO of LeanTaaS and Mudit Garg, CEO of Qventus, Inc.

    15. 5 most listened to guests on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast. 1) Dina Velocci, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) 2) Don Sinko, CPA, CRMA, CGMA, Cleveland Clinic 3) Justin Oppenheimer, Hospital for Special Surgery 4) Scott Powder, Advocate Aurora Health 5) Malinka Walaliyadde and Benjamin Beadle-Ryby, AKASA.


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