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15 Stories We are Following Today 11-1-22


    1. The Fed meets today and tomorrow and is widely expected to raise the Fed funds rate by 75 basis points.

    2. More importantly will be the Fed’s discussion of how they will approach interest rate raises going forward and how hawkish they intend to be.

    3. The market indexes fell Monday with the Nasdaq down 1.03%, the S&P 500 down .75, and the Dow down .39%.

    4. Futures point up this AM. This is subject to volatility whenever the Fed meets.

    5. Year to date the markets are down as follows. The Nasdaq nearly 30%, the S&P 500 around 18%, and the Dow near 10%.

    6. Meta/Facebook is down nearly 71% YTD.

    7. Bitcoin opens around $20,600 and is down nearly 56% YTD.

    8. The 1 year treasury yield opens at 4.631%. It’s up more than 420 basis points in the last year.

    9. Oil opens near $88 and the 10 year opens around 4.07%.

    10. Blackstone to buy a majority stake in Emerson Electric’s climate technology business for a $14 billion valuation. Blackstone is paying $9.5 billion up-front for a majority stake in the business. Emerson will retain around 45%. The up-front payments will include equity of $4.4 billion and debt of $5.5 billion. If you are Blackstone, the debt markets remain quite open. Blackstone is the largest PE firm/alternative investments firm. The unit is valued at 12.7 times cash flow. See Reuters “Blackstone to Take Control of Emerson’s Climate Tech in $14 Billion Deal” – Reuters.

    11. Thrilled this week to host a call with our Becker’s Healthcare CEO Advisory Board on how CEOs plan and position themselves for a healthy and thriving retirement.

    12. Excited for a great Becker’s Healthcare CEO and CFO Roundtable Conference Next Week. Keynote speakers include Derek Jeter, President George Bush, Arianna Huffington, and Valerie Jarrett.

    13. Great to interview wonderful CEO of Waystar yesterday Matthew Hawkins on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast. Here we discussed leadership, technology, automation, and a lot more. Thank you to Jason Grady, Emma Bulwa, and Cody Budd for your support.

    14. Thrilled to publish this week a podcast with two great leaders whose firm, Akasa, got way out in front on revenue cycle automation and leads the way in AI and revenue cycle. Thank you Malinka Walaliyadde and Benjamin Beadle-Ryby. Thank you to Venkat Mocherla of Andreessen Horowitz for the introduction a few years ago. Akasa is an amazing firm with incredible leaders.

    15. J&J, in another sign that the mergers and acquisitions market is not dead, is buying Abiomed for $16.6 billion. Abiomed is a medical device maker. J&J is trying to grow its medical device unit. Abiomed is in the cardiovascular space. J&J is largely in knees, contact lenses, and surgical products. See “J&J Agrees to Buy Medical Device Maker Abiomed” – WSJ.


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