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18 Stories and Notes We are Following this Morning 9-19-22

In this episode Scott discusses:

  1. The major indexes fell Friday with the Nasdaq down .90%, the S&P down .72% and the Dow down .45%.
  2. The markets are overall having an awful year with the Dow down 15.18% YTD, the Nasdaq 26.82% and the S&P 500 down 18.73%.
  3. Futures point down again this AM with the three major indexes hovering close to down 1%.
  4. The Fed meets this week and will likely raise rates 75 or 100 basis points.
  5. The 10 year treasury yield is at 3.44%, up nearly 200 basis points YTD.
  6. The 1 year opens around 4%.
  7. Oil has slipped to $84 a barrel.
  8. Bitcoin slipped 7% overnight and opens below $19,000.
  9. The Cannabis ETF Amplify Growth is trading right near its 52 week low at 6.74 down from a 52 week high of 20.44.
  10. FedEx dropped 21% Friday.
  11. Facebook Meta is down nearly 56% YTD.
  12. The World Bank is starting to warn of a serious global recession.


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