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20 Quick Notes for Tuesday January 24th 1-24-23


Register for the upcoming “The Venture Capital Outlook For Health Care 2023” webinar on Feb 8th at 1pm CST here.

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1. The markets rose again yesterday with the Nasdaq up 2%, the S&P 500 up 1.19%, and the Dow up .76%.

2. Futures point down this AM.

3. Treasury yields rose yesterday with the 1 year at 4.74%, the 2 year at 4.221%, and the 10 year at 3.52%.

4. Join us on Feb 8th at 1pm CST for the webinar “The Venture Capital Outlook For Health Care 2023” featuring:

  1. Sai Balasubramanian, M.D., J.D., Healthcare Strategy & Management at McKinsey & Company
  2. Matt Wolf, Health Care Senior Analyst and National Health Care Business Valuation Leader at RSM US LLP
  3. Dave Davies, Principal at EY-Parthenon
  4. Trishul Kapoor, MD, Serial Founder | Investor | Advisor & Deep Expertise in Anesthesiology, General Surgery, Digital Health & AI Innovation, Medical Device Development, & Mixed Reality Integration
  5. Robert Groves, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer at Banner

Register here!

5. We are seeking panelists for the 19th Annual McGuireWoods LLP Health Care Private Equity Conference March 1st and 2nd in Chicago. Contact Scott Becker, Georgia Allin, or Lesley Terminella for more information.

6. Excited to see record attendance expected for the Becker’s Healthcare Annual Meeting April 3rd to 6th in Chicago. Hear Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart, and Larry Bird. For more information contact Jessica Cole.

7. Bitcoin continues to rise. It opens today at $23,000. It is up 36% over the last month.

8. Oil is right around $81 a barrel.

9. Wayfair jumped 27% yesterday.

10. On the Elon Musk watch, Tesla jumped nearly 8% yesterday. See “Buy Tesla Stock Ahead of Earnings, Analysts says” – Yahoo Finance.

11. Spotify announced layoffs yesterday.

12. Great to visit with Robbie Allen of One GI on a combined episode of Becker’s Healthcare and the Becker Business Minute Podcast & Becker Private Equity Podcast yesterday. A brilliant guest.

13. Great to talk yesterday with Anna Casu of AdventHealth about new treatments for Type 1 Diabetes and her role and AdventHealth’s role in drug discovery. Thank you Kristi Powers.

14. It was great to interview brilliant CEO Patricia Donley of the WellSpan Health Good Samaritan Hospital in PA.

15. A couple positive signs for the housing market, which impacts so many families, brokers, and everyone else. See “A Real Estate Bottom? More Homebuyers Jump Back In as the Year Kicks Off” – Yahoo Finance.

16. See “Amazon is a Value Stock in the Topsy Turvy World of Investing” – Bloomberg.

17. Microchip stocks jumped yesterday with Nvidia rising by 7.6% and AMD rising 9.22%. Also see article on Intel by brilliant leader and writer Brian Sozzi at Yahoo Finance.

18. Hospitals are highly focused on reducing traveling nurse and temp staffing costs. Further, many health systems are very focused on figuring out ways to soften staffing needs through technology implementations.

19. Great to visit yesterday with two brilliant people. Manav Sevak, CEO of Memora Health and Saul Marquez, incredible leader. I always learn a lot from both.

20. Understand the difference between hobbies and core pursuits. Commit to greatness in core pursuits. Listen at the Becker Business Minute Podcast & Becker Private Equity Podcast.


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