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Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast
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Private Equity & Business Update 9-15-22

In this episode Scott discusses:

  1. The markets were slightly up yesterday after their worst day in years Tuesday.
  2. Oil is right around $88 a barrel.
  3. Bitcoin has fallen back again to around $20,000.
  4. The 10 year yield is at 3.41. It’s 52 week range is 1.29 to 3.48%.
  5. Futures point slightly down today and poised to give back yesterday’s gains. It is like looking at the scale after a few bad days of eating, I can’t quite bring myself to open up the accounts on the websites and look at the results from Tuesday just yet.
  6. McDonalds CEO raises crime concerns for business in Chicago.
  7. US mortgage rates top 6% and housing affordability becomes a debacle.


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