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Recorded Webinar: Motivate then Thrive – How to Personally and Professionally Find Motivation through the Pandemic

This webinar focused on 2 key questions:

1. What are your two to three best thoughts to find and keep motivated during the pandemic?

2. What will recovery look like? What’s your best thoughts on how to gear back up?

5 great panelists including:

Samiksha Gupta, Principal at MERU
Justin Breen, Founder/CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC
Lourdes Paredes, Founder of ILLUMINE Media and ILLUMINE Life!
Will Conaway, Chief Digital Information Officer, Innovation & Strategy Officer, and Board Advisor
Amy Hall, Vice President of Leasing at Physicians Realty Trust

Moderated by Scott Becker, Partner, McGuireWoods, Publisher, Becker’s Healthcare, Publisher Becker Group Business Strategy


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